Merchandise / Souvenirs

Below are a few of the many souvenirs that can be purchased in BiARS (Burnham Information and Rescue Support).


Tickets are sold in BiARS for


Berry's Coaches

Avalon Coaches

Bakers Dolphin Coaches

WSM Playhouse

Bath and West Show

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Yeovilton Air Day

West Somerset Railway


Call in to check on latest offers.



 Metallic Balls and Somerset Footballs and Rugby Balls

 Beachhut Magnets
Bookmarks, Sharpeners and Torches
  Bristol Blue Glass
Children's Colouring Books
 Burnham-on-Sea Coasters and Erasers
Fridge Magnets
 Mugs  Pens, Pencils and Ponchos
 Postcards Retro-Prints
 Lighthouse Salt & Pepper Shakers
  "Smiley Signs"
Somerset Tea Towels and Lighthouse Light Pulls
 Teddybears with Raincoats and Backpacks
Lighthouse Thimbles
 Alan Ward Collection Artwork
 Burnham-on-Sea 2017 Calendars
  Information Leaflets
 Made in Burnham-on-Sea Collection
 O/S Maps
Radar Keys